• 7+ years of commercial experience in Software development, Customer support, Project Management, Customer relations, Sales and Product Management
  • Experienced in designing solutions to satisfy business analysts, stakeholders and end-users requirements in research environments
  • Lead role in integration projects involving workflow automation and optimization utilizing HPC systems when appropriate and available
  • Experience in working in small and large teams in scientific, open-source and commercial environments
  • Designed and built the 1st Light Sheet Microscope in the UK for studying collective cell behavior and tissue dynamics in live embryos
  • Published articles: 12 refereed journal papers, 2 conference papers
  • Ph.D. in experimental physics. Angular resolved photoemission spectroscopy studies on novel materials. Involved in scientific hardware and software design.
  • M.Sc. in physics. Theoretical exploration of quantum dots based on carbon nanotubes using numerical modeling and simulations.


2007 - 2011

Ph.D., experimental physics, School of Physics and Astronomy

Final dissertation: Effects of spin-orbit coupling and manybody interactions on the electronic structure of Sr2RuO4.

Supervised by Dr Felix Baumberger.

University of St Andrews

2007 - 2011

M.Sc., theoretical physics (1st Class Honours)

Final dissertation: Phonon Effects in Carbon Nanostructures.

Supervised by Dr Dr Paweł Machnikowski.

University of Technology

Employment history

2019 - present

Head of Applications at Glencoe Software

Glencoe Software, Inc., 800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 101-259, Seattle, WA 98104

Glencoe Software builds and delivers innovative, scalable, easy-to-use scientific imaging solutions for its clients and OEM partners. Glencoe’s products are installed and used in several world-leading academic labs, biotech, pharma and publishers, solving mission-critical problems in high-content screening, digital pathology, and many other modalities. The foundation of Glencoe’s technology derives from an open source software project, the Open Microscopy Environment (OME). Glencoe continuously contributes the code, experience and feedback to the OME project.

Role summary: Software development, Customer support, Project Management, Customer relations, Sales, Product Management, Team Management.

2014 - 2019

Applications Specialist at Glencoe Software

Glencoe Software, Inc., 800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 101-259, Seattle, WA 98104

Role summary: Software development, Customer support, Project Management, Customer relations, Sales, Product Management.

2011 - 2014

Postdoctoral Research Assistant at College of Life Sciences University of Dundee

School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Dow Street, Dundee, DD1 5EH, Scotland, UK

Research topic: In-vivo studies of cell migration in developing embryos and complex tissues. Development of the state-of-the-art light-sheet fluorescence microscopy system.


Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, CUDA, Fortran, LabView
Operating systems: Linux – Ubuntu, CentOS; Mac OSX; Windows
HPC/Distributed Computing: SGE, SLURM, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, LSF, OpenPBS, AWS Batch
Cloud experience: AWS, GCP
Applications: Mathematica, MATLAB, LATEX, OpenOffice, MS Office, CellProfiler, MATLAB, ImageJ/Fiji, Imaris, Pandas, scikit-image, scikit-learn, pytorch, tensorflow
Database: SQL (Postgres, MySQL, SQLight, Oracle), MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis
Computational Packages: Wien2k, Castep, Abinit, Gaussian03
Lab Skills: embryonic culture, light microscopy, X-Ray diffraction, low temperature measurements, photoemission spectroscopy



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