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MinIO Gateway with DigitalOcean Spaces, NGINX and auth0

Intro This post illustrates how to install MinIO Gateway for DigitalOcean Spaces. There’s lots of great guides for how to set up all the necessary components already so where possible the links to these resources will be provided. For the authentication and authorization we’ll use a free Auth0 account. The fully self-hosted solution is also possible via KeyCloak or similar open source tools. Tech stack MinIO DigitalOcean Ubuntu 20.04 instance Custom domain Certbot for SSL cert installation and renewal Certbot install Auth0 for authentication and authorization NGINX web server for connecting everything together Cost Cost of the implementation per month: USD $10 + transfer charge above the droplet and storage limits (so far haven’t managed to go over the limits).

Why Find Nuclei?

For now this site is just a journal of my experiments with coding, analysis, etc. I do a lot of R&D type of work of which I forget as the time goes by and then find myself reinventing the wheel n-teen months later. This is my attempt to keep my thoughts and findings organised and easy to access. If you find any of the information here useful please use it as you see fit for your purposes.